BSE™ - Batch stream Executor

BSE™ provides the ability to maximize operating resources with high granularity when executing processes. It allows you to easily integrate operating processes from an existing one or to create new ones.

Batch stream management on parallel architecture

BSE™ is an operating process manager on heterogeneous platforms such as Windows, Linux and Z/OS.


Centralised Monitoring and Administration

Centralize the monitoring and control of cross-platform task execution through a graphical interface.


Automated Recovery Process

Integrates process recovery mechanisms to automate control points and recovery.


Multiple interface

Interfaces with every schedulers such as Control-M, Dollar Universe or ITPAM.

BSE™ core features

Centralised Monitoring

BSE™ offers centralized administration and monitoring for the execution of the various operating processes within a heterogeneous information system.

Making it possible to visualize in real time all processes being executed, to understand the usage of the different resources and to act according to operational needs. History management allows you to graphically analyze the realization of the production plan on each operating instance in order to optimize the execution profiles.

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Multiple Interface

BSE™ is easily integrated into heterogeneous information systems via its cross-platform and multi-node architecture. It also contains an interface set to naturally integrate production tools such as the main scheduler (Control-M, Dollar Universe, ITPAM, etc.), print servers or monitoring tools such as Splunk or Dynatrace.

Different operating languages

BSE™ is a centralized manager for the execution of production tasks. The production plan injects the tasks into BSE™ agents whose task is to allocate system resources optimally depending on the nature of the processes. These tasks can be executed through different languages such as Shell, Python, JCL or ISH scripts.

Process Traceability

The BSE™ software incorporates a complete access role manager (RBAC) that can be deployed in conjunction with multiple infrastructures to meet performance needs on large volumes of data.

With its high level of resource control, BSE™ protects the various accesses on the following criteria:

  • Authentication control and different resource levels,
  • Profile on an internal basis or LDAP/database link,
  • Security management up to table level (RBAC),
  • Traceability of events in accordance with SOX2.

Recovery process

BSE™ has an integrated two-level recovery mechanism.
The first takes up the current context during a recovery after a complete unavailability of the system. The second allowing a specific recovery on incident planned in the operation task. These features reduce the downtime of services and increase the integrity of production plan processing.

Print Server

BSE™ integrates a cross-platform print server (UNIX, LINUX and Windows).
It allows you to manage queues, optimize the printer fleet, view prints in the queue, restart printing on a given page, control all company prints in real time. It has Windows, Web and command line interfaces. It integrates impressions generated by different processes such as transactional and batch flows.

User interface

BSE™ has a rich and user-focused interface. It displays data on grids that can be manipulated through drag-drop-click actions. User activity and action can be monitored and analyzed through animated graphs, allowing for quick response to on-going events.

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