UTMos™  - Universal table management software

The multiplicity of data formats renders the management of data within an information system difficult. The tools are generally manifold and historically attached to the access methods of their platforms.

UTMos™ is a data manager for centralized access and exploitation of data on heterogeneous information systems such as Windows, UNIX and Z/OS.

Advanced administration

UTMos™ is a centralized reference table manager.


User interface

UTMos™ has a rich and user-focused interface. It displays data on grids that can be manipulated through drag-drop-click actions. User activity and actions can be monitored and analyzed through animated graphs, allowing for quick response to on-going events.


Enriched API

UTMos™ has a complete data access API. This API contains all the functions necessary for updating, querying, inserting or deleting records from a table, as well as choosing the " commit" phases. This layer of abstraction allows access to resources without particularism. The API is supported by the Cobol, Natural, Java and C/C# languages.

The API supports all ISO codes, including Asian and Middle Eastern particularities. The transition of Spitab© and DPT© managers is facilitated by the common API that contains data migration utilities.


Extreme performance

The request and update mechanism is designed to support substantial transactional loads. It is architected around a memory cache module and sophisticated search algorithms. This implementation reduces transactional times up to six times when replacing Spitab© or DPT© environments using a standard data engine.

With its high level of resource control, UTMos™ protects different accesses according to the following criteria:

  • Authentication and resource level control
  • User profile on internal basis or LDAP/database link
  • Security management up to table level (RBAC)
  • Event tracking in compliance with SOX2

UTMos™ features

UTMos™ allows extended management of tables, access and portability of reference tables throughout the information system.

The administration interface allows you to create, modify, delete or copy any data representation with an abstraction of the access method. You can transport or compare tables across heterogeneous system partitions, zones or regions.

The UTMOS™ software incorporates a complete access role manager (RBAC) that can be deployed in conjunction with multiple infrastructures to meet performance needs on large volumes of data. Simply put, UTMOS™ offers centralised administration and standardisation of reference tables within a heterogeneous information system.

Simplifying table management

UTMOS™ allows you to centralize tables or reference data in a unified structure of representation through a graphical interface.

Updates can be made by either typing or importing office files and manipulated by simple click, drag and drop. The consolidated display of data through the “Grid” greatly simplifies operational research.

presentation de l'outil utmos


  • Allows the creation, maintenance and administration of tables in a heterogeneous information system,
  • Improves table access performance in a ratio of 1 to 6 compared to existing architectures,
  • Federates access to data and supports multiple languages such as Natural, Cobol, C and Java,
  • Supports various data storage (Oracle, UDB, DB2, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Adabas, VSAM, C-ISAM),
  • Simplifies the migration of mainframe table managers such as Spitab© or DPT© to remote environments,
  • Facilitates multi-language access for all browsers,
  • Increases user productivity through a very intuitive HMI.


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