Since their inception, proprietary systems have been implemented in data centers to satisfy the demand for power, stability and operability.

The last decade has seen a drastic transformation of production centers driven by the advent of Internet services, the implementation of vertical solutions and the Cloud opportunity. Open architectures have taken an important place, relegating the mainframe to a distributor of mission-critical services.

Multiple solutions available

EBS has been carrying out platform migration projects for more than 22 years. These projects make it possible to preserve services and free yourself from the end-of-life constraints of hardware and software.


The Iso-functional migration

ISO-functional migration of all the components of the legacy application such as batch and TP programs, JCL, files and databases, schedulers and more.


A platform designed for industrialization

A platform designed for the industrialization of the migration:
From the recovery of knowledge of application assets to the transformation of infrastructure.


A test automation workshop

A regression test automation workshop to reduce the involvement of customer resources and the lead time for the transformation phase.

These solutions are available for applications running on the following platforms:

  • IBM - Z/OS - MVS
  • IBM - OS/400
  • IBM - Z/OS - VSE
  • BULL - GCOS7
  • BULL - GCOS8
  • Tandem
  • Unisys
  • Open VMS
  • Solaris

Migrating your application with EBS

The use of proprietary systems is a contraint imposed by functional and productive legacy investments. Nevertheless, the operating costs of these services are too exorbitant to be justified.

In this context, EBS experts have built platform migration solutions for proprietary applications that allows you to:

  • Drastically reduce operating costs (up to 70%).
  • Unify the operation of applications from the mainframe with the existing one.
  • Ensure a risk-free transition of services to users.

migration de plateformes des applications

The Universal Table Manager

UTMos™ centralises tables or reference data in a unified structure through a graphic interface. Updates can be made by either typing or importing office files and manipulated by simple click, drag and drop. The consolidated display of data through the "Grid" greatly simplifies operational research.

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