ISMapper™ - Enterprise Architecture software for legacy systems

ISMapper™ enables you to automatically document, visualize and extract business processes activity from the information system. Resulting in a thorough understanding of the cause-effect relationships between business processes and the systems and technology that support them.

A mapping tool for the urbanization of information systems

ISMapper™ is a mapping tool focused on extracting complete, accurate, contextual and current information from the information system.


Align business and IT

Companies have a unique opportunity to align business needs with the information system. Aligning the business with the information system and controlling the transformation are the cornerstones of an agile enterprise.


Impact Analysis

See the full cascading effects of possible decisions on business logic and data representation. Strengthen the quality of evolution decisions.


Information system (IS) Governance

Leverage legacy application assets by establishing the direct mapping from process activities to implementable service components.

ISMapper™ offers unparalleled capability in the analysis of scheduling tools.

  • Supported languages : JAVA, C/C++, Oracle, CICS, IMS, COBOL, Natural, PL/1, VSAM, DB2, Oracle, JCL, Adabas, Script & many others.

ISMapper™ core Features

Multiple interfaces to export the repository
in urbanization workshops such as OpenText™ Provision or Casewise™; and robust interfaces for content delivery through industry standard interfaces.

Integrated Repository

EBS ISMapper™ solution extracts all dimensions of an application within the IS such as functions, flows, programs, data representations or infrastructure technologies.

Supported technology

EBS ISMapper™ solution allows most legacy applications to be recognized in their meta-model. Objects including JAVA, CCICS, IMS, COBOL, Natural, PL/1, VSAM, DB2, Oracle, JCL, Script  as well as many others can be imported into the integrated repository and meet the mapping needs.

Production analyzer

EBS ISMapper™ Software suite includes a real-time production process analysis module. Transactional, batch or flow processes are analyzed to understand users activities and their resource utilizationin relation to the applications. Guaranteeing the accuracy and contextuality of the information to analyze user roles on the application and describe data flows between heterogeneous applications.

Simulation and Analytics

EBS ISMapper™ Software is a special type of modeler that allows you to view and manage all objects and links in the integrated repository. This is achieved by selecting a given object and progressively disclosing selected associations to other objects in the notebook using the neighborhood function. By nature, models reflect a specific view within a given context but their relationships are much broader than the domain to which they belongs to.


EBS ISMapper™ Data Exchanges allows you to import and export business logic models with other popular tools. Supporting a variety of point-to-point Data Exchanges with specific software tools such as: OpenText™, Rational Software Architect™, Visio™, MS Project™ and Accesstm. The supported formats of standards-based Data Exchanges are: XML, XMI, BPEL and WSDL.

EBS ISMapper™ Software translator function enables you to export models and objects to tabular file formats, such as MS Excel®, Microsoft Word®, comma-separated value (.csv) files, and XML files.

EBS IT Urbanization Solution

EBS supports companies concerned with their performance and the efficiency of their investments in a context of permanent adaptation to economic imperatives and incessant technological innovations. Our experts provide you with their urbanization service in information systems.

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