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Mainframe Migration - application modernization & IT Urbanization solutions



Mainframes were implemented in Data Centers to meet the needs for power, stability and operability. The last decade has made a drastic change in production centers guided by the advent of internet services and the implementation of vertical solutions. Open architectures have become more important and are progressively taking the critical missions.

As of today, the use of proprietary systems is basically imposed by the legacy investment in applications and production. However, operating costs for these services are exorbitant and therefore not justified.

In this context, EBS experts of have built solutions for platform migrations with the objective of :

  • Drastically reduce operating costs (up to 70%),
  • Standardize the operation processes of mainframe applications with existing open world,
  • Ensure a safe transition of services to users.

EBS has been performing platform migration projects for over 12 years supported by :

  • End to end migration of all legacy applications components and services: Batch and TP programs, JCL, files, databases, scheduler, ...
  • An industrialized workbench : re-documenting and migrating the legacy application objects,
  • A regression workbench to automate the creation of test scenarios and its execution.This reduces the involvement of client resources during the regression tests.

These solutions are available for applications running on the following platforms :

  • IBM - Z/OS - MVS
  • IBM - Z/OS - VSE
  • BULL - GCOS7
  • BULL - GCOS8
  • Tandem
  • Unisys