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Enterprise Architecture

Governance of information systems becomes crucial in companies concerned about their investments performance and efficiency in a context of constant adaptation to economic constraints and technological innovations.

The IT complexity is such that it becomes more difficult to effectively address these issues.

Since 2001, EBS assist private and public companies to understand and reduce the complexity of their operations, to implement adequate internal controls and manage their risks by providing tools and consulting services.

EBS products and services allow you to document any aspect of your business, from process through IT infrastructure – quickly and easily. EBS ISMapper© software suite helps customers to model the relationships from IT infrastructure to business functions on an industrial scale.

This solution empowers organisation to make better and faster decisions while planning divestments, mergers & acquisitions or new business services development operations. Implementing this platform will result in quickly identifying the key areas of cost savings and architectural improvement in line with the enterprise's objectives.

By reducing drastically the initial effort and costs of building repository for EA,  the solution focus on providing decision makers with critical informations as:

  • Identify real business process in use,
  • Get accurate, contextual and actual informations,
  • Speed-up the process of documenting EA tools


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