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Application Migration

The IT operation and applications maintenance are becoming complex. They are more than technological origin is varied with respect to the history of data-centers. We are facing with a strong need for standardization accelerated by lack of mainframe resources, the growth of inter systems communication exchanges and products end of life.

EBS proposes a complete migration solution end to end for these targeted applications without compromising the existing architectures. Proven solutions are :

  • Standardization of COBOL.
  • Migration of Natural, PL/1, Mantis, Ideal, Coolgen to Cobol / Java / C, NS-DK components.
  • Migrating data from IMS, Datacom, VSAM, UFAS to DB2/Oracle.

Language and data transformations are industrialized to enable processing of large-scale legacy application and certification of applications, whatever the target.

The industrialization is based on a workbench developed by EBS teams during various projects. This workbench automates the following functions :

  • Application Mapping.
  • Application organization.
  • Components Transformation with rules and constraints.
  • Test plans building.
  • Automation of regression tests.
Modernisation d'applications