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UTMOS  - Universal table management software

UTMOS™ is a universal table management system for Windows, UNIX and Z/OS environment.
It is easy to define tables on the open platforms. However, we often find that standards are not enforced, tables are duplicated and browse/update tools are replicated for each application.

These are the things that a table management system provides for you. It is not instead of your database. A table management system helps you manage your reference tables, better.

Extended Table Management, Access and Portability for Reference Tables across the Enterprise

Briefly stated, UTMOS™ offers all an Improved Management, Accessibility and Portability of Reference Tables across the enterprise information system.

It brings standardization and centralization of table definition and maintenance via the UTMOS™ On-line Access and update from various applications for the data stored to different platforms. Standard application program interface for retrieval and updating in all environments provides tool for improved application design.


  • Enables maintenance and administration of tables in a heterogeneous environments.
  • Increases the performance of accessing tables in a ratio 1:6
  • Authorizes multiple application languages to access to tables (Natural, Cobol, C, Java),
  • Supports various storage such as Oracle, UDB, DB2, Adabas, VSAM, C-ISAM,
  • Facilitates the Spitab© and DPT© legacy migration on open systems,
  • Supports multiple code pages through various web browser,
  • Increases users productivity through an intuitive interface 

Extreme performance

The retrieval and update mechanism is extremely efficient through a sophisticated retrieval algorithm and cache memory based system. The implementation will help to reduce the application retrieval time by six from an existing Spitab© and DPT© implementation on a mainframe.

Currently, the UTMOS™ software can support more than 5,000 simultaneous users connected with intensive access to tables. It also supports dynamic paging of large data sources and supports various data-types at the column level.

Enhanced Administration features

This is what UTMOS™ is all about. One repository for reference tables. One tool to see which tables you have. One standard for defining tables. One standard and portable tool for viewing and updating tables from any application.

The administration interface allows you to create, modify, delete tables in simple standardized way, abstracting the technology of repository. It includes the ability for the DBA to move tables across, Partition, Zones and regions using online or batch mode for massive environment updates. The administration tools can be use in Multilanguage.

Security build-in 

UTMOS™ Software provides a comprehensive Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model that can be deployed in conjunction with various software to meet the needs of businesses reliant upon high volume, secure operations.

With its inclusive permissions model, multiple user profile choice UTMOS™ software delivers the detailed security protection businesses require for the tables access to daily operations.

It offers:

  • Authentication and resource-level security on open systems,
  • Can be linked to LDAP or RDBMS repositories,
  • Provides administrative and runtime services for a RBAC security model
  • Enables audit logging with configurable levels of audit messages (SOX2),
  • Provides resource permissions control per table.

Enterprise Grade User Interface

UTMOS™ Software delivers the broadest and deepest set of UI. Our amazing grid interface and Graphs provide users drag and drop behavior to manipulate data across systems and heterogeneous environments.

UTMOS™ Administration module simplify and automate common data administration and performance monitoring from a single point. It works through any web browser without any component loaded on the client-side.